January 19, 2012


I have come to realize, Chase will NOT eat a single veggie. I put all kinds of things in front of him, and he literally spits it right back out. SO I put a few veggie nuggets in front of him and BLAMMO! He ate it AND loved it! I was soo excited that I wrote on my grocery list all kinds of "MEAT" from Morning Star. shhh....it's tofu and veggies disguised as meat.

Big Bang Theory has it's 100th episode tonight I am soo stoked!

Well, the shower's free and it's SOO my turn :)

January 16, 2012

These days

 I'm sitting here with my 18 month old throwing a fit for his daddy, I am chopped liver while he is around. Also I hear the gentle hum of my baby swing as it gingerly rocks my 2 month old into a deep slumber.

After an all day revamp of my old blog [this one] I am back!

A lot has changed in a year. My personal style has become just a little more humbled in my attempts to me an 'earthy mama'. With some success actually, I am feeding Chase as organically as I possibly can. And Max, although formula fed at present, was indeed breast fed in the hospital. I plan on pureeing his baby food as I did with Chase. It's more fulfilling as a parent to buy fresh produce and cook and blend it myself.

A few friends have come and gone, but the truest have lingered. I am interested to see how they play out!

My next revampings include phasing out all of my clothing for new, as well as accessories. I'm excited for this change! It's past due. I'll still be me, just dressed better! I recently came into some vintage jewelry that I look forward to integrating into my daily life.

Also I plan on phasing out bad habits like nail biting and jammies all day. I intend to shop more online and Etsy sites for unique tshirts and accessories, I'd love to just wear a dress just because!

Yoga, learn a new language, maybe more soap and jewelry making would be nice, as always taking more photos and discovering new bands. I'd like to paint more as well.

2012 is supposed to be the year the world ends, yet I feel like the best years of my life are just beginning.

I turn thirty this year and I can't wait to see what this year has in store and blog all about it...with YOU!


August 9, 2011

Charlie Horse

Ok so I am sitting here typing, giving it one more try and I get this darn charlie horse in my belly!! I keep getting a weird cramping sensation everytime I sit at the computer or upright too much at the dinner table. It's like little man is telling me "Hey, Sit back woman!! You're cramping my style!!" So Pause Pressed may have to be put on pause for a few more weeks. Sorry about the gap in posts!! It's so annoying because that was my nap time getaway!! Oh well. Hmmpf.

So the pause button is officially PRESSED on Pause Pressed Blogging. Booo...

Hope to talk to y'all soon!!


July 25, 2011

It's a jungle out there...

Good day, Readers!

So today Jason worked, but I stayed home, took care of Chase, did laundry, prepared a pot roast, and enticed our cat Dory with a bell...Yes you read that right. We let Dory outside in an attempt to make her an indoor/outdoor cat, and the idiot found a cubby under a shed next door, which also happens to be the basking grounds for a rather large yet previously seemingly affectionate dog named Chip. I wanted to hop the fence but my mother, who was holding a very whiny Chase, convinced me I was being very stupid (agreed).

So here I am, schlepping my fat pregnant self in my garden, smooshing my thriving Dahlia and Zinnia seedlings (huff!) trying to lure out cat out of this hole. With a bell and a few treats revealing zero success I give up and figure 'she'll come out when she's done growling and throwing a fit, and I need to throw my pot roast in the oven.' As my mother rocked Chase to sleep, which took like 4 seconds since he has a runny nose, I changed out my zillionth load of laundry as I heard Dory's little bell! She's ALIVE!! I did a happy dance, and notice her paw is all bloody. I think she cut a few of her pads, and broke off a claw to the quick. NOW she is licking it, putting no weight on it, and she even let me rinse it off, which is a miraculous event because as we all know, cat + water = scratches all up in your bizzness, or whatever slang those damn kids are saying these days.

As Chase snoozes along, and Dory licks her paw, I wait for Jason to get home, who has yet to hear of the cat's rather adventurous 1st day of becoming an indoor/outdoor cat. I am hoping that this mishap doesn't turn him off from letting her out anymore, as this was our compromise for keeping this "miniature beast of burden" as Shrek would say.

This pot roast is making my house smell amazing by the way! They should put this fragrance in a jar with a wick, so when hubbies come home they smell a home cooked meal...but then the disappointment would overrule this wondrous scent as they are disappointingly sitting at the table in front of a cup of steaming tomato soup and a grilled cheese...it appears my invention has a few kinks to work out, no?

Well I'm going to cuddle up to a movie or a book while Chase finishes his nap.

Hugs and bloody kitten paws :(

July 22, 2011

Catching You Up!

Hey Guys!!

Man oh man! I totally lost internet for an entire week!! It was unreal how frustrating that was! Long story super short: Moved Chase into his new bedroom to give new baby the smaller of the two, had to move computer into our bedroom (cramped much?!) and finally had to switch to a different internet service since our phone jack didn't support DSL. A few good things came from it! We got a cheaper, faster connection! We saved about 15 bucks and got a wireless router so Jason and I can play video games online and use Netflix. We don't indulge on much lately but Jason's gotta have his media :) I'm fine with it. Once we put Chase to bed, it's nice to sit and play PS3 with him..although it usually ends up me getting fed up at sucking so bad and I just throw in the towel and read.

Right now I am into The Proper Care and Feeding of Husbands by Dr. Laura. A fair warning to all women: DO NOT READ WHILE PREGNANT. This book set me off on the defensive on SO many levels and instead of being a self help book, it just fueled my anger from everything my hubby has ever done to tick me off directly in his direction. This book is going right back to the library until I am confident enough that each chapter won't start an argument like the previous chapter just did. This book fed my hormones and hostility so bad, it was like giving fried chicken to a gremlin!! Not worth it!!! I will NOT be renewing this little tiff instigator in the near future!

In other news, I think we have decided to go with naming our newest addition Logan. I love it because it's strong and adorable, Jason loves it because it's wolverine's real name from the X-Men... Who cares? At least we've agreed on a name..the middle name is our next hurdle! Shouldn't be too hard. It either has to flow well and be a random name that just goes, or a sentimental one. Lots of choice and still 3.5 months left!

Well, that's my newest news. Nothing exciting. Just painting the boys bedrooms (and by 'me' I mean Jason) and clean, well nest.. and collect coupons while trying to figure out how to reach my ankles over my giant giant belly long enough to shave my legs without chopping myself to pieces. Electric shavers are highly under rated! Had my hair bright red, then dyed it back when I started to resemble and old rusted nail left out in the shed too long. My garden is thriving, my nearly-toddler is saying words like "uh oh", "dada" , and "ball", mommy is yet to be uttered, and my hormones are causing me to take that a little personal these days. A s'more sounds damn good ALL the time, and I am exhausted from trying to find a comfortable position to sleep in in between nightmares.

Well time to put on some cool PJ's, water the flowers and perhaps drink an entire bottle of chocolate syrup...please, don't judge me...

Hugs..well, high fives, it's too hot for a hug...

July 13, 2011


Good Nap Time, Readers!

These past few nap times have been loaded! Sunday hubby went to a concert with his pals, so Boogie and I visited a few friends of our own and then had dinner with my family. Monday Boogie man and I went and hung at my mom's house. Nap time was at her house. And DARNIT if I didn't miss my show that I was looking forward to on TLC about the homecomings of troop families, I auto tuned it and everything (no dvr) it serves me right.

 Yesterday we found out we are having a boy!! Which means God has smiled upon my family, because of Me and Jason's employment status restocking baby items that are pink in nature would have pinched the budget a little. BUT we don't have to worry about that!! I have everything... except a double stroller, an ergo baby carrier, newborn diapers and another crib...that's it though! WHEW!  Thanks God :)

Today has been chalk full of cleaning, sweeping, laundry, dishes, laundry, scrubbing...and more laundry. I hate laundry. BUT it's in my supermommy/house wife job description and it needs to get done.

Tonight we are celebrating with Jason's parents... Hey what a pleasant surprise! My mom came to visit with my nephew!


July 11, 2011

Long time no post!

Hey guys! I just put Chase down for the night, finally got a little me time after about 3 days of none!  Well Tomorrow we find out what the new baby is! AHH! I am SO excited!

Did anyone watch the Jaycee Lee Dugard interview last night? She is so inspiring. So brave.

I really don't have that much to post about tonight...hmm.. Oh! Chase said "ball" and he loves tofu! I love that little man. He makes me so happy.

I'm gonna go have a cup of tea and read with Kill Bill Vol.2 in the background. I am going to try and relax and unwind so I can sleep tonight. I am so excited for tomorrow!


July 7, 2011

T is for "thursday" and upset "tummy"

Hey guys!

This post is coming at you during bedtime instead of nap time. Man, this baby in my belly is getting so big, he/she is pressing against my tummy and making it upset. Everyday it seems i feel nauseated around noon-ish until bedtime.

Chase got 3 shots today at his 12 month check up. I had to hold his arms and legs steady while holding him still on my lap. I love our pediatrician. She is so down to earth. It always seems like she answers our questions before we can ask them! PLUS she said she loves siblings and she'll be the new baby's doctor as well!

Tomorrow it's back to the library with my sister and her kids to get the new batch of books! Stay tuned for those in my Mommy Is A Bookworm section! Chase's doctor gave me the names of some very helpful literature. Who says babies and toddlers don't come with a manual?! You just have to use your intuition and instincts as well.

I can't wait until next year! My tattoo artist and I will be working on the rest of my arm piece and we'll put the new baby's name on my other wrist! I can't wait!

I'm going to look on Etsy right now for some killer curtains and room decor for Chase's room, it needs a theme I think, it's too all over the place!

Well a shopping I will go!


July 6, 2011

Restrictions of the belly!

Hey guys! I am SOO tired of leftovers! I know I know, food is such a blessing. But do you know what I really want? SUSHI. I want an Alaskan roll, a spicy tuna roll, and shrimp tempura.

Followed by a glass of red wine. Those of you who know me, know I am not a drinker. I enjoy a sip or two with dinner, but usually hand the rest of the glass to hubby to finish. I hate alcohol. But I guess the fact that I CAN'T have these things make me want them even more!

 One of my besties just brought up going for frozen yogurt soon, and I looked it up and  SURPRISE! I can't have it. Something about listeriosis and live yogurt cultures or something. Very boring.

Oh! And do you know what else I want?! I want a deli sandwich from my local Italian deli!! I want roast beef with mayo and Havarti cheese on a chewy torpedo roll with a side of tabbouleh! But, can't have that either. It's SOO annoying!! Even though I love my unborn child very much, when I am in the hospital bed, and I am given permission to eat solids, I am getting someone to bring me that darn sandwich!!

What about you, readers? Anything you want really bad but can't have because you are pregnant or allergic? Maybe it's a doctor's warning to not eat something specific?

Well, it's leftover time :) time for supper!
Oh! Time to vote for Chase today too!

Vote for Chase in the 2011 Gerber Generation Photo Search from 7/5-7/31. I have a chance to have my child featured on Gerber.com and win an iPad 2!


July 5, 2011

Baby on my nerves :)

Hey guys! Sorry I didnt post today! I went in to see the Doctor! The baby was laying on a nerve and it gave me pressure and some pain. So after I freaked out a little, I called my Doctor, and layed down on my left side during Chase's nap. All is well :) Cervix is closed and long (a good thing I hear) and I heard the heartbeat! So I feel much better now.

One more week today that we find out if it's pinkie or winkie!

Come on friends! What do YOU think it is??

Oh and today is the day the voting starts for Chase's Gerber Baby Photo Search Contest and the facebook voting app isn't working. GRR!! On the first day of voting! SO when it is I'll be linking to it and I'll give you his entry number! The 10th post I get that someone has voted for my boogie man will get a special thank you!!

Well, I'm off. We have a friend over, and I don't want to be anti social!

Tonight for dinner: Pork Hoagies, Brown rice, and stuffed Zucchini! yum! Fruit for dessert!


July 2, 2011

Happy Birthday!

Sorry Guys no posts yesterday, or perhaps tomorrow and this is all I have time for today!! Today my lil boogie man turns one!!  I am SWAMPED!! AHHH!! At this time last year I was getting my c-section. SOOO weird.

Well have a safe and happy 4th of July weekend. Eat a lot and drink less. Get a sober driver!!! 

Hugs and Birthday AND 4th wishes!!,

June 30, 2011

Oh goody...bags!

Putting together treats for the kiddos was fun today! I went with mom, sis, and grandma and I've been out and about since 10 am!! MAN I am SO tired!

We went out to dinner tonight with Jason's folks and I ordered Chase something of the kids menu for the first time!! It was actually fun, yet more costly than a $1.00 jar of food. He enjoyed it! His cantaloupe slices got a lot of "mMMm!" responses and he did a funny body shiver when I fed him mashed potatoes! Which I learned, was a positive reaction, which was then rewarded with more :)

Well, I just got done watering in the garden with hubby pants, a nightly rewarding ritual. I've made my "goodnight" phone calls and now it's time to get comfies on and read a little. I know it sounds weird, but I think I may sleep on the recliner tonight...this 18 week pregnant belly is making for some VERY uncomfortable nights sleep lately.

Tomorrow's agenda:

1. get goody bag treats for those under 2.
2. get candy for pinata.
3. gather my non perishable items to bring to the park.
4. Order the food in advance, so I can pick it up before the party.
5. Sit and wonder how it is that I am blessed with a soon to be 1 year old, very energetic and affectionate little boy :)
6. Toss and turn all night and wonder what I'll forget...


Hugs and sweet dream wishes,

June 29, 2011

My lil Gerber man :)

My lil boogie monster was entered in the Gerber Star Photo Search :) Using this photo, Daddy and I thought this one was so precious :)  For this reason I reactivated my personal facebook, but I may open one for Pause Pressed so my readers can vote for him, too :) Voting starts on July 5th, so I'll have everything all set to go for you guys to click and vote for him. I'd be SOO appreciative if you do!

In other news, Chase took a pitiful excuse for a nap, so he is in his play pin right now, gnawing on his grover plush. I'll be back tonight most likely to revise my post and possibly add some more!


June 28, 2011

Busy Tuesdays, Batman!

Hey guys! I wasn't home for Chase's nap time today (he was with his Daddy) I was all over the tri -city area today! Walmart, Sams Club, TJ Maxx, Quiznos..SHEESH! I am so tired. Apparently Chase is too because we just put him down for bed, and he didnt even fight it that much.

Today was all about details for Chase's big day! And I ordered the cutest cake for him! So excited! I bought him a book today for his birthday..shhh, don't tell him :)

Is that not the most precious book you've ever seen?! Loved it :) I also got myself and hubby pants  mugs because they only cost me like $5 a piece.

I found Chase eating cat food again. He found a rogue kibble on the floor. Better than the time he ate cat puke, that was so foul! It's amazing, he cries when I give he spinach, but if he finds a sticker on the ground, it's like the Red Lobster on my kitchen floor. He does the weirdest things! I have to tell that boy DAILY to stop licking the fridge. Oh well. Today some lady at Walmart looked at my belly and told me "it's a boy, I'm never wrong" and walked away...Oh! And another woman told me it was a girl...I can't wait for an actual ultrasound technician to tell me!! 2 more weeks!!

Well, tonight we had the best pork tenderloin for dinner, with corn, stuffing, and canned peaches. YUM!! Tomorrow I start Chase on milk. Fingers crossed!

Okay guys, I'm off to sip some tea and do some reading :) I'll talk to you tomorrow!


June 27, 2011

From Can to Udder...

Good afternoon, Friends!

This weeks Chase's 1st birthday week, and that means he gets to go from formula to cow's milk. I am SOO nervous about how to transition this! Experts say he is to get one parts whole milk to two parts formula, and then wean him off the powdered stuff gradually! I have never done this before!

He is snoozing away, and the little booger has given me just enough time to write to you guys and grab some lunch. I have some music in the background, which is a happy alternative from Caillou. Chase loves the theme song. YES I am a terrible parent, I let my kid watch TV, but only in moderation. Kids learn through play AND Grover!! I swear..and he's just SO cuddly, I mean come on, who can resist this?!

Soo cuddly!! And he says wubba wubba! Love it :)

Well, my tummy is growling, and that means lil bean and I need to eat :) I'll talk to you guys later!

OKAY, I'm back!!

So Chase LOOOVES the Wiggles, like he seriously gets into a trance when I put them on. And now if he's distracted enough, he's stand by himself when I gently let go and just stare into the screen. STAND. Jeez! My bestie said that her niece started doing stuff like that right before those first steps all alone, I hope we're close! He's getting heavier!

My little colorful angels :) I am PRO-WIGGLES. For sure!! (p.s. I know this is an old picture, I prefer Greg to Sam)

In other news, Jason and I lazied around all day with Chase. We went in the garden, I curled up with a book and worked on my blog. We barely built up an appetite so we had cereal for dinner. We call them fend-for-yourself-nights. Where I don't slave over a hot stove and resent my meal because I am SOO bored with chicken-that's what happened last night. I pouted and cheered myself up with ice cream... This also mean I wore comfies all day, gave my face a break from makeup, and instead of being up all night on the computer I plan on reading, painting my nails and devouring more ice cream.

Well. I'm shoving off early tonight!
Hugs and Ice cream dishes,

June 26, 2011

But I'm not...yawn...sleepy!

Hey everyone! Just fine tuning my blog and I thought I'd bring you up to speed :)

I added a page to my blog about my trips to the library and the books I am worming, so please check it out! I'd love to hear about the books you love, dislike, and recommend to mommies and everyone else that loves to read as much as I do :)

This Saturday is Boogie's first birthday! I've never planned one before so I will be enlisting the help of my mother and sister to make sure I don't forget anything, which with me is inevitable! I cant believe he's one already!! This past year FLEW and threw me pregnant belly first into mothering a toddle. I don't know how to mother a toddler! Any advice?

I get to find out on July 12th what I am having. Finger crossed for a healthy baby!  If you're the praying kind like I am, please toss a few my way. I don't care if it's pink or winkie I just was 10 fingers, 10 toes and two arms and two legs :)

Well I should be in bed right now, but I am dreading it. I have woken up crying from bad dreams for 2 nights in a row. I'm crying in my sleep I guess, hubby pants says I whimper like a dog. I hate it. I hate dreaming, I wish they made dream suppressants so I can just get some great sleep and wake up without choking on my sobs :(

In happier news I got a new workout video yesterday at Rasputin's :) And I met a super sweet mommy that has a nearly one year old like me! In fact their birthdays are about 2 days apart! We are planning a play date at a local park somewhere :) It's be nice for Chase to make another friend :)

Well, I guess I can't stay up forever. I need my rest if I'm going to be super mommy tomorrow :) Planning birthdays are busy business. Any tips or tricks?

Goodnight everyone :)

Hugs and Best Wishes,

June 24, 2011

When life hands you a farmers market...

I love to take the Boogieman (Chase) to the farmers market. Chase loves to look around as I push him in his stroller. He gets lots of attention, he's all smiles :)

This pregnancy, all I want is juicy ripe fruit, with Chase all I wanted was salt and candy. I'm not joking. After someone made a comment about putting a salt lick at my desk, i chuckled a little...and then googled where I could find one. Now that I think back... EWWW. But this time I want ice water and fruit.

 Every now and then, I crave a Thai iced tea with some Pad Thai.. YUMMO! But mostly I want just fruit! So I usually spend a small fortune on some plums, huge apricots that are referred to as "MoNsTeRcOtS" (adorable and yummy), a few really hard peaches for Jason, and enough cherries to last me until the following  week :) There are usually a lot of people there and I start to feel a little anxious, but all in all it's big fun!

If you're a stay at home mommy like me, what do YOU do to get out of the house!?

See ya soon!

Pleased to meet you

Here is a glimpse into how my journey begins every day!:

When music isn't playing, I usually set my TV to Sprout to distract my nearly one year old son Chase so I can at least make my bed and brush my teeth. We begin our day with the Sunny Side Up Show and some cuddles. He is SOOO affectionate in the morning :) The Wiggles songs are embedded into my brain, and Play With Me Sesame hypnotizes him long enough for me to throw the next load of laundry in, and unload the dishwasher. After chores, preparing dinner for both of my birds (hubby and boy), we seal our day with the Good Night Show, followed by bath, bottle, story, and snuggle. 6:30 pm is his bedtime, then Jason and I switch gears to OUR TIME :) All this while being 15 weeks pregnant :) WHEW! Exhausting yet very rewarding! This is just the beginning of my journey to being a member of the two under two club!!

My dreams have come true!

As for my life and personality aside from my attempts of becoming mother of the year and trophy wife:

I am a little craft stunted and creatively speaking all I can manage to successfully make is soap. I used to bite off more than I could chew with crafting, BUT I have faced the facts that I can't whip up much more than some soap and maybe a crocheted scarf now and then, and yet that suits me!
What do you do on YOUR down time?! Share with me!

January 7, 2011

Nearly a MONTH!

Wow, it's been nearly a month since my last blog post. BUT, I firmly believe that even though it's been a while, NONE of my readers just want to read mindless blather. I have to live my life to have something to blog about, right?

Live to blog, don't blog to live, my new motto :)

So lets do Friday Ketchup instead of Monday Ketchup. I don't have any fancy interviews for you.

What's new? Well, my little Boogie man turned 6 months old on January 2nd. He is growing SOOO fast. It's bittersweet. I want him to grow up, but I love how cuddly he is. I still await the day with baited breath, that he holds me tight and says "you're the best mommy in the whole wide world" AHH! I get a little misty :)

I discovered and fell in love with Plato's closet last month. Hip thrifted clothes in great condition! I actually got the most AMAZING Juicy bag for 16 dollars!! I know!!

What else. My crafty room looks like it has been blown to smithereens. Total mess, it has become our little storage unit. Hubby pants is skydiving tomorrow and during that time, I will be working on my craft room to make it presentable again AND I will be nabbing a new crib for little man, courtesy of my mommy, since his has been proven by little unfortunate babies around the world to be unsafe :(

I NEED to lose like 30 pounds before I can get preggers again so THAT is the mama jamma of all New Years Resolutions, I know, SO cliche! BUT this is a priority. I will be doing a Zumba class with my mom and sister. STILL not sure exactly what I signed up for, but hey, if it's exercise, sign me up :) Derby is still on hold :( low moolah. Boo..

What else?? I am planning a fresh start all around this year, new frame of mind. I'm totally going to the zoo this year. I am 28 years old and I have NEVER been to the zoo!! I wanna take little man to Disneyland. I want to craft and scrapbook like a maniac. I NEED to reclaim my me time, I think it will make me a better mommy AND a better mommy.

OH! And I bought myself a new camera! Canon rebel xs!! SO another resolution, take more pictures!! I need to work on my artsy fartsy side and NOT lose touch of my inner crafter.

That's it, though. A new fresh start. And hopefully not too long before I come on here and chat to you guys again...I think I should revamp my blog as well...It needs a fresh face for 2011 as well :)

Anyways take care, and REMEMBER Live to blog, live life fully and relax so you can have something to write about, that used to be the point of blogging!


December 2, 2010

My lil Boogie is 5 months old!

Once upon a time there was a little girl. She played Barbies relentlessly. She begged her friends to play house, and she had more dolls that were baby boys even if they were in pink, than she knew what to do with. Then one day, she met the boy of her dreams, married him, bought a home, and had the little boy she'd always dreamed of having. He is a dream come true. He sleeps through the night.Sleeps in on weekends, and always has a big smile on his face, even though he startles easily, like his mama.Today, my little prince is 5 months old. 5 months ago, I lied on an operating table and got sliced open like fish on a camping trip, and a tiny screaming baby was yanked from my ginormous figure. It wasn't love at first sight, It was deeper than that, actually the word "LOVE" wasn't even used until a few nights later, when I was changing his diaper for the billionth time that evening, and it was 4 am. I looked down at my little booger and said "I am your mommy. I think you are fantastic, and I love you" TRUE STORY. Those were my words.Last night my husband and I fed our little prince sweet potatoes. He made faces but smiled in between bites and kept opening up for more :)

Sorry I've been away so long. I have zero time now that the baby is getting more and more needy of attention and he never sleeps during the day anymore :)

Whats going ton out there in bloggy-do land??