July 13, 2011


Good Nap Time, Readers!

These past few nap times have been loaded! Sunday hubby went to a concert with his pals, so Boogie and I visited a few friends of our own and then had dinner with my family. Monday Boogie man and I went and hung at my mom's house. Nap time was at her house. And DARNIT if I didn't miss my show that I was looking forward to on TLC about the homecomings of troop families, I auto tuned it and everything (no dvr) it serves me right.

 Yesterday we found out we are having a boy!! Which means God has smiled upon my family, because of Me and Jason's employment status restocking baby items that are pink in nature would have pinched the budget a little. BUT we don't have to worry about that!! I have everything... except a double stroller, an ergo baby carrier, newborn diapers and another crib...that's it though! WHEW!  Thanks God :)

Today has been chalk full of cleaning, sweeping, laundry, dishes, laundry, scrubbing...and more laundry. I hate laundry. BUT it's in my supermommy/house wife job description and it needs to get done.

Tonight we are celebrating with Jason's parents... Hey what a pleasant surprise! My mom came to visit with my nephew!


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