June 24, 2011

Pleased to meet you

Here is a glimpse into how my journey begins every day!:

When music isn't playing, I usually set my TV to Sprout to distract my nearly one year old son Chase so I can at least make my bed and brush my teeth. We begin our day with the Sunny Side Up Show and some cuddles. He is SOOO affectionate in the morning :) The Wiggles songs are embedded into my brain, and Play With Me Sesame hypnotizes him long enough for me to throw the next load of laundry in, and unload the dishwasher. After chores, preparing dinner for both of my birds (hubby and boy), we seal our day with the Good Night Show, followed by bath, bottle, story, and snuggle. 6:30 pm is his bedtime, then Jason and I switch gears to OUR TIME :) All this while being 15 weeks pregnant :) WHEW! Exhausting yet very rewarding! This is just the beginning of my journey to being a member of the two under two club!!

My dreams have come true!

As for my life and personality aside from my attempts of becoming mother of the year and trophy wife:

I am a little craft stunted and creatively speaking all I can manage to successfully make is soap. I used to bite off more than I could chew with crafting, BUT I have faced the facts that I can't whip up much more than some soap and maybe a crocheted scarf now and then, and yet that suits me!
What do you do on YOUR down time?! Share with me!

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