June 24, 2011

When life hands you a farmers market...

I love to take the Boogieman (Chase) to the farmers market. Chase loves to look around as I push him in his stroller. He gets lots of attention, he's all smiles :)

This pregnancy, all I want is juicy ripe fruit, with Chase all I wanted was salt and candy. I'm not joking. After someone made a comment about putting a salt lick at my desk, i chuckled a little...and then googled where I could find one. Now that I think back... EWWW. But this time I want ice water and fruit.

 Every now and then, I crave a Thai iced tea with some Pad Thai.. YUMMO! But mostly I want just fruit! So I usually spend a small fortune on some plums, huge apricots that are referred to as "MoNsTeRcOtS" (adorable and yummy), a few really hard peaches for Jason, and enough cherries to last me until the following  week :) There are usually a lot of people there and I start to feel a little anxious, but all in all it's big fun!

If you're a stay at home mommy like me, what do YOU do to get out of the house!?

See ya soon!

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