July 7, 2011

T is for "thursday" and upset "tummy"

Hey guys!

This post is coming at you during bedtime instead of nap time. Man, this baby in my belly is getting so big, he/she is pressing against my tummy and making it upset. Everyday it seems i feel nauseated around noon-ish until bedtime.

Chase got 3 shots today at his 12 month check up. I had to hold his arms and legs steady while holding him still on my lap. I love our pediatrician. She is so down to earth. It always seems like she answers our questions before we can ask them! PLUS she said she loves siblings and she'll be the new baby's doctor as well!

Tomorrow it's back to the library with my sister and her kids to get the new batch of books! Stay tuned for those in my Mommy Is A Bookworm section! Chase's doctor gave me the names of some very helpful literature. Who says babies and toddlers don't come with a manual?! You just have to use your intuition and instincts as well.

I can't wait until next year! My tattoo artist and I will be working on the rest of my arm piece and we'll put the new baby's name on my other wrist! I can't wait!

I'm going to look on Etsy right now for some killer curtains and room decor for Chase's room, it needs a theme I think, it's too all over the place!

Well a shopping I will go!


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