December 2, 2010

My lil Boogie is 5 months old!

Once upon a time there was a little girl. She played Barbies relentlessly. She begged her friends to play house, and she had more dolls that were baby boys even if they were in pink, than she knew what to do with. Then one day, she met the boy of her dreams, married him, bought a home, and had the little boy she'd always dreamed of having. He is a dream come true. He sleeps through the night.Sleeps in on weekends, and always has a big smile on his face, even though he startles easily, like his mama.Today, my little prince is 5 months old. 5 months ago, I lied on an operating table and got sliced open like fish on a camping trip, and a tiny screaming baby was yanked from my ginormous figure. It wasn't love at first sight, It was deeper than that, actually the word "LOVE" wasn't even used until a few nights later, when I was changing his diaper for the billionth time that evening, and it was 4 am. I looked down at my little booger and said "I am your mommy. I think you are fantastic, and I love you" TRUE STORY. Those were my words.Last night my husband and I fed our little prince sweet potatoes. He made faces but smiled in between bites and kept opening up for more :)

Sorry I've been away so long. I have zero time now that the baby is getting more and more needy of attention and he never sleeps during the day anymore :)

Whats going ton out there in bloggy-do land??

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