June 28, 2011

Busy Tuesdays, Batman!

Hey guys! I wasn't home for Chase's nap time today (he was with his Daddy) I was all over the tri -city area today! Walmart, Sams Club, TJ Maxx, Quiznos..SHEESH! I am so tired. Apparently Chase is too because we just put him down for bed, and he didnt even fight it that much.

Today was all about details for Chase's big day! And I ordered the cutest cake for him! So excited! I bought him a book today for his birthday..shhh, don't tell him :)

Is that not the most precious book you've ever seen?! Loved it :) I also got myself and hubby pants  mugs because they only cost me like $5 a piece.

I found Chase eating cat food again. He found a rogue kibble on the floor. Better than the time he ate cat puke, that was so foul! It's amazing, he cries when I give he spinach, but if he finds a sticker on the ground, it's like the Red Lobster on my kitchen floor. He does the weirdest things! I have to tell that boy DAILY to stop licking the fridge. Oh well. Today some lady at Walmart looked at my belly and told me "it's a boy, I'm never wrong" and walked away...Oh! And another woman told me it was a girl...I can't wait for an actual ultrasound technician to tell me!! 2 more weeks!!

Well, tonight we had the best pork tenderloin for dinner, with corn, stuffing, and canned peaches. YUM!! Tomorrow I start Chase on milk. Fingers crossed!

Okay guys, I'm off to sip some tea and do some reading :) I'll talk to you tomorrow!


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