June 30, 2011

Oh goody...bags!

Putting together treats for the kiddos was fun today! I went with mom, sis, and grandma and I've been out and about since 10 am!! MAN I am SO tired!

We went out to dinner tonight with Jason's folks and I ordered Chase something of the kids menu for the first time!! It was actually fun, yet more costly than a $1.00 jar of food. He enjoyed it! His cantaloupe slices got a lot of "mMMm!" responses and he did a funny body shiver when I fed him mashed potatoes! Which I learned, was a positive reaction, which was then rewarded with more :)

Well, I just got done watering in the garden with hubby pants, a nightly rewarding ritual. I've made my "goodnight" phone calls and now it's time to get comfies on and read a little. I know it sounds weird, but I think I may sleep on the recliner tonight...this 18 week pregnant belly is making for some VERY uncomfortable nights sleep lately.

Tomorrow's agenda:

1. get goody bag treats for those under 2.
2. get candy for pinata.
3. gather my non perishable items to bring to the park.
4. Order the food in advance, so I can pick it up before the party.
5. Sit and wonder how it is that I am blessed with a soon to be 1 year old, very energetic and affectionate little boy :)
6. Toss and turn all night and wonder what I'll forget...


Hugs and sweet dream wishes,

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