July 6, 2011

Restrictions of the belly!

Hey guys! I am SOO tired of leftovers! I know I know, food is such a blessing. But do you know what I really want? SUSHI. I want an Alaskan roll, a spicy tuna roll, and shrimp tempura.

Followed by a glass of red wine. Those of you who know me, know I am not a drinker. I enjoy a sip or two with dinner, but usually hand the rest of the glass to hubby to finish. I hate alcohol. But I guess the fact that I CAN'T have these things make me want them even more!

 One of my besties just brought up going for frozen yogurt soon, and I looked it up and  SURPRISE! I can't have it. Something about listeriosis and live yogurt cultures or something. Very boring.

Oh! And do you know what else I want?! I want a deli sandwich from my local Italian deli!! I want roast beef with mayo and Havarti cheese on a chewy torpedo roll with a side of tabbouleh! But, can't have that either. It's SOO annoying!! Even though I love my unborn child very much, when I am in the hospital bed, and I am given permission to eat solids, I am getting someone to bring me that darn sandwich!!

What about you, readers? Anything you want really bad but can't have because you are pregnant or allergic? Maybe it's a doctor's warning to not eat something specific?

Well, it's leftover time :) time for supper!
Oh! Time to vote for Chase today too!

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