June 27, 2011

From Can to Udder...

Good afternoon, Friends!

This weeks Chase's 1st birthday week, and that means he gets to go from formula to cow's milk. I am SOO nervous about how to transition this! Experts say he is to get one parts whole milk to two parts formula, and then wean him off the powdered stuff gradually! I have never done this before!

He is snoozing away, and the little booger has given me just enough time to write to you guys and grab some lunch. I have some music in the background, which is a happy alternative from Caillou. Chase loves the theme song. YES I am a terrible parent, I let my kid watch TV, but only in moderation. Kids learn through play AND Grover!! I swear..and he's just SO cuddly, I mean come on, who can resist this?!

Soo cuddly!! And he says wubba wubba! Love it :)

Well, my tummy is growling, and that means lil bean and I need to eat :) I'll talk to you guys later!

OKAY, I'm back!!

So Chase LOOOVES the Wiggles, like he seriously gets into a trance when I put them on. And now if he's distracted enough, he's stand by himself when I gently let go and just stare into the screen. STAND. Jeez! My bestie said that her niece started doing stuff like that right before those first steps all alone, I hope we're close! He's getting heavier!

My little colorful angels :) I am PRO-WIGGLES. For sure!! (p.s. I know this is an old picture, I prefer Greg to Sam)

In other news, Jason and I lazied around all day with Chase. We went in the garden, I curled up with a book and worked on my blog. We barely built up an appetite so we had cereal for dinner. We call them fend-for-yourself-nights. Where I don't slave over a hot stove and resent my meal because I am SOO bored with chicken-that's what happened last night. I pouted and cheered myself up with ice cream... This also mean I wore comfies all day, gave my face a break from makeup, and instead of being up all night on the computer I plan on reading, painting my nails and devouring more ice cream.

Well. I'm shoving off early tonight!
Hugs and Ice cream dishes,

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