July 22, 2011

Catching You Up!

Hey Guys!!

Man oh man! I totally lost internet for an entire week!! It was unreal how frustrating that was! Long story super short: Moved Chase into his new bedroom to give new baby the smaller of the two, had to move computer into our bedroom (cramped much?!) and finally had to switch to a different internet service since our phone jack didn't support DSL. A few good things came from it! We got a cheaper, faster connection! We saved about 15 bucks and got a wireless router so Jason and I can play video games online and use Netflix. We don't indulge on much lately but Jason's gotta have his media :) I'm fine with it. Once we put Chase to bed, it's nice to sit and play PS3 with him..although it usually ends up me getting fed up at sucking so bad and I just throw in the towel and read.

Right now I am into The Proper Care and Feeding of Husbands by Dr. Laura. A fair warning to all women: DO NOT READ WHILE PREGNANT. This book set me off on the defensive on SO many levels and instead of being a self help book, it just fueled my anger from everything my hubby has ever done to tick me off directly in his direction. This book is going right back to the library until I am confident enough that each chapter won't start an argument like the previous chapter just did. This book fed my hormones and hostility so bad, it was like giving fried chicken to a gremlin!! Not worth it!!! I will NOT be renewing this little tiff instigator in the near future!

In other news, I think we have decided to go with naming our newest addition Logan. I love it because it's strong and adorable, Jason loves it because it's wolverine's real name from the X-Men... Who cares? At least we've agreed on a name..the middle name is our next hurdle! Shouldn't be too hard. It either has to flow well and be a random name that just goes, or a sentimental one. Lots of choice and still 3.5 months left!

Well, that's my newest news. Nothing exciting. Just painting the boys bedrooms (and by 'me' I mean Jason) and clean, well nest.. and collect coupons while trying to figure out how to reach my ankles over my giant giant belly long enough to shave my legs without chopping myself to pieces. Electric shavers are highly under rated! Had my hair bright red, then dyed it back when I started to resemble and old rusted nail left out in the shed too long. My garden is thriving, my nearly-toddler is saying words like "uh oh", "dada" , and "ball", mommy is yet to be uttered, and my hormones are causing me to take that a little personal these days. A s'more sounds damn good ALL the time, and I am exhausted from trying to find a comfortable position to sleep in in between nightmares.

Well time to put on some cool PJ's, water the flowers and perhaps drink an entire bottle of chocolate syrup...please, don't judge me...

Hugs..well, high fives, it's too hot for a hug...

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