July 5, 2011

Baby on my nerves :)

Hey guys! Sorry I didnt post today! I went in to see the Doctor! The baby was laying on a nerve and it gave me pressure and some pain. So after I freaked out a little, I called my Doctor, and layed down on my left side during Chase's nap. All is well :) Cervix is closed and long (a good thing I hear) and I heard the heartbeat! So I feel much better now.

One more week today that we find out if it's pinkie or winkie!

Come on friends! What do YOU think it is??

Oh and today is the day the voting starts for Chase's Gerber Baby Photo Search Contest and the facebook voting app isn't working. GRR!! On the first day of voting! SO when it is I'll be linking to it and I'll give you his entry number! The 10th post I get that someone has voted for my boogie man will get a special thank you!!

Well, I'm off. We have a friend over, and I don't want to be anti social!

Tonight for dinner: Pork Hoagies, Brown rice, and stuffed Zucchini! yum! Fruit for dessert!


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