January 16, 2012

These days

 I'm sitting here with my 18 month old throwing a fit for his daddy, I am chopped liver while he is around. Also I hear the gentle hum of my baby swing as it gingerly rocks my 2 month old into a deep slumber.

After an all day revamp of my old blog [this one] I am back!

A lot has changed in a year. My personal style has become just a little more humbled in my attempts to me an 'earthy mama'. With some success actually, I am feeding Chase as organically as I possibly can. And Max, although formula fed at present, was indeed breast fed in the hospital. I plan on pureeing his baby food as I did with Chase. It's more fulfilling as a parent to buy fresh produce and cook and blend it myself.

A few friends have come and gone, but the truest have lingered. I am interested to see how they play out!

My next revampings include phasing out all of my clothing for new, as well as accessories. I'm excited for this change! It's past due. I'll still be me, just dressed better! I recently came into some vintage jewelry that I look forward to integrating into my daily life.

Also I plan on phasing out bad habits like nail biting and jammies all day. I intend to shop more online and Etsy sites for unique tshirts and accessories, I'd love to just wear a dress just because!

Yoga, learn a new language, maybe more soap and jewelry making would be nice, as always taking more photos and discovering new bands. I'd like to paint more as well.

2012 is supposed to be the year the world ends, yet I feel like the best years of my life are just beginning.

I turn thirty this year and I can't wait to see what this year has in store and blog all about it...with YOU!


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