July 25, 2011

It's a jungle out there...

Good day, Readers!

So today Jason worked, but I stayed home, took care of Chase, did laundry, prepared a pot roast, and enticed our cat Dory with a bell...Yes you read that right. We let Dory outside in an attempt to make her an indoor/outdoor cat, and the idiot found a cubby under a shed next door, which also happens to be the basking grounds for a rather large yet previously seemingly affectionate dog named Chip. I wanted to hop the fence but my mother, who was holding a very whiny Chase, convinced me I was being very stupid (agreed).

So here I am, schlepping my fat pregnant self in my garden, smooshing my thriving Dahlia and Zinnia seedlings (huff!) trying to lure out cat out of this hole. With a bell and a few treats revealing zero success I give up and figure 'she'll come out when she's done growling and throwing a fit, and I need to throw my pot roast in the oven.' As my mother rocked Chase to sleep, which took like 4 seconds since he has a runny nose, I changed out my zillionth load of laundry as I heard Dory's little bell! She's ALIVE!! I did a happy dance, and notice her paw is all bloody. I think she cut a few of her pads, and broke off a claw to the quick. NOW she is licking it, putting no weight on it, and she even let me rinse it off, which is a miraculous event because as we all know, cat + water = scratches all up in your bizzness, or whatever slang those damn kids are saying these days.

As Chase snoozes along, and Dory licks her paw, I wait for Jason to get home, who has yet to hear of the cat's rather adventurous 1st day of becoming an indoor/outdoor cat. I am hoping that this mishap doesn't turn him off from letting her out anymore, as this was our compromise for keeping this "miniature beast of burden" as Shrek would say.

This pot roast is making my house smell amazing by the way! They should put this fragrance in a jar with a wick, so when hubbies come home they smell a home cooked meal...but then the disappointment would overrule this wondrous scent as they are disappointingly sitting at the table in front of a cup of steaming tomato soup and a grilled cheese...it appears my invention has a few kinks to work out, no?

Well I'm going to cuddle up to a movie or a book while Chase finishes his nap.

Hugs and bloody kitten paws :(

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