October 10, 2010

It was nice while it lasted....

For a while there I thought fall weather was in our future. It felt just a bit nippy in the mornings and that darn weatherman spoke of rain and got my hopes up. But to no avail, it was dry and hot all weekend. Booo...

On the other hand, the silver lining to the hot and poopy weather, I got to spend the day on Friday with my lil' booger and I even dyed my hair red for fall, a tradition of mine. Then, me and booger had lunch with auntie Julie, bearing gifts from my favorite thrift store Rescued Treasures. It made her smile :)

Saturday was spectacular. It was The Art and Wine festival in a nearby town. So daddy, me, and baby had a wonderful time with Julie and her fam. Great day!! Not only that, I found the prettiest opal earrings for my second piercing in my ear! They are SO beautiful! My birthstone and my early birthday gift to myself :)

Breakfast and Target opened the curtains to my Sunday production, then busy work tomorrow. But I can see some season five of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia in our future for tonight!!

Talk to you tomorrow!

p.s. I've convinced my niece and nephew to be the Mario Bros and Boogie will be Yoshi.. ok ok it's a froggy, but it'll like Yoshi don't you think??

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