October 7, 2010

The beginning of a lovely relationship!

I am SO excited because this is my very first blog post! First off, I'll tell you about who I am! My name is Bekki, I am a wife and mother, an artist and a writer, and a shopaholic and an amateur photographer all at the same time. I begin more crafts than I can finish and I have more of an obsession with BUYING craft materials than creating sometimes, I guess you would call me a craft supply hoarder... I get excited when I'm at the fabric cutting table and then I just end up giving it to my friend Julie, who ends up creating amazing masterpieces for her shop Glamour Damaged.

I have an amazing husband of two years, who just so happens to be an amazing writer, a sweet little three month old baby boy I'm completely smitten for, and a cat named Dory, who plays fetch, meows at walls, and plays in the toilet.

I have so many fun ideas churning in my brain to make this blog a success and an enjoyable, inspiring place for you! I hope you'll check back in to see what I have planned!

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