October 14, 2010

It’s the most sickliest time of the year…

As you know, though my favorite season of the year, fall is a season of germs and filth. ESPECIALLY in an office setting where cubicles are stuffy, and sick people just don’t stay home to get well. It’s time for ::bom bom BOMMM:: the flu shots. I need to protect myself and Boogie from…well boogies. I need the flu shot and the TDAP vaccine. The “T” in TDAP of course stands for tetanus, that’s the one that hurts the most. One in each arm, right in the muscle. My appt is today after work and I am DREADING IT! Oh well TIME TO MAN UP!

On the up side, I have been coming up with new ways to dazzle and inspire, and I think I’m coming up with winners so definitely stay tuned!

Saturday may be freckled with pumpkin patches and birthday magic. If I make the Roller Derby Team (fingers crossed!!) I’ll need to buy skates and safety gear! WHOO HOO!
I'm dreaming of these...Riedel R3's Poison :) Don't they look lovely??


Happy Thursday all! Mine’s going great so far! Tell me about yours!

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  1. I have a friend on a roller durby team! She LOVES it! They travel too!! haha! Thats awesome! I hope you make the team! At least its not soccer! haha JK!