October 28, 2010

Thursday Focus

Today's Thursday's focus is all about the best calendar I've ever seen in my whole life!!

So I was bloggin' around, minding everyone else's business when I stumbled upon :

The Overdue Library Book Calendar.

After I showed a co worker and squeaked with delight (that's what I do when I'm delighted...I squeak...) I then decided that THIS is my Thursday focus.

I know what you're thinking...WHAT is an Overdue Book Calendar?? To that I must reply "hold your ponies, I'm about to show you!!"

THIS is an Overdue Library Book Calendar


If you're a big library nerd like me, you need a little reminder now and then when your books are due. This is SOO adorable...

I found it on the blog 'decor8' while I was doing my daily blog check ins. SO I had to do my research..

Okay so YOU can find the calendar for yourself at : Aunt June's shop on ETSY by clicking....here...no really you have to click on the word "here"...<- there... I highly recommend snooping around and admiring her other items while you're at it! She hand draws her own design, and has it printed on fabric by Spoonflower..then she makes things (mostly totes) out of this fabric..OR you can just buy her fabric and create your own things... Very sweet designs too: adorable little sailboats and bicycles. Clicking here will whisk you away to her shop.. again..you must click the word here... :)

She also has a blog of her own...guess where you'd have to click to get there? You guessed it! Here!!

So that's it. There's my Thursday's focus! Now if you don't mind, I'm going to go buy me a 2011 Overdue Library Book Calendar for my cubie :)

Ohh EM Gee !!

Come back tomorrow for my "Friday's Interview of Inspirational Flavor" !!!

You definitely won't want to miss it!!! I'm posting interview with isadore and exray...just don't call them a band..just trust me...

It was such a BLAST! They truly rock the party that rocks the par-tay!

See you tomorrow!

exes and ohs,

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