October 22, 2010

Interview of Inspirational Flavor: Julie from Glamour Damaged!

Here it is folks! Julie was such a joy to interview!


How old is Glamour Damaged these days?
Glamour Damaged started in April 2008. About 2 years and 6 months ago I found my passion.

What are your current favorite materials to work with?
My current favorite materials are vintage fabrics and trims and yarn of all different sizes shapes and colors. I have more fabric than I'd ever use in a lifetime. It's an obsession.

What music do you listen to while you work?
I listen to whatever I'm into at the moment. It changes all the time! I usually have a play list made and it can range from rock, classical, oldies, R & B, and the list goes on and on. 5 songs that I listened to last night while sewing were: Engaged by Jeremy Larson, The Sound by Switchfoot, Like a G6 by Far East Movement, Tighten Up by The Black Keys and Talk Show on Mute by Incubus. I love a very wide variety of music

How is your support at home with family and friends? Who are your biggest cheerleaders?
My family and friends are a HUGE support. They are always trying to spread the word and they also buy a lot of my creations! My husband is my biggest support. He puts up with me sewing at all hours of the night or morning, editing photos for days on end, stealing batteries from anything I could find to use in my camera, mounds of fabric everywhere and thread clung on to everything including the cat and making him try on girly hats or headbands. Most importantly he lets me know on a daily basis how proud of me he is.

Which artists do you look up to and why?
I look up to almost every artist I come by. There's so many creative and talented people out there. The first person who inspired me to sew was Tamar by Nest Pretty Things: http://www.etsy.com/shop/tamar 2 years ago she sewed pouches and I fell in love with them. At that moment I felt something light up in me. A creative spark. Elsie Flannigan from Red Velvet Art: http://www.redvelvetart.com/ and A Beautiful Mess: http://www.abeautifulmess.typepad.com/ is probably my biggest. I probably don’t need words to explain why, if you just take a peek at her links :)

What craft did you first start doing when you knew you had the potential to go the distance?
My first creative passion was sewing pouches. I love love love to sew. I'm always changing and growing as a person and as a business. I tend to always like to challenge myself. That’s how I got into crocheting, and that why I'm now sewing clothes.

Where did the craftiness come from? Who are your biggest inspirations?
The craftiness definitely came from my parents, my Mom does it ALL. Ever since I can remember she has always been doing something creative. To name a few: She quilts by hand, makes jewelry, she used to restore those old kids bouncy horses and turn them into a carousel horses, she bakes, like can do wedding cakes and frost tip amazing cookies, she can crochet, knit, embroider, wood burn, sew clothes, shes an amazing painter, shes even painted huge murals! Ahh the list just goes on and on. My Dad is very talented himself. He can really do anything as well. He can build anything, from a carport to a coffee table. He recently started making my mom cookie cutters into any shape she wishes. Yep those are my talented parents. My biggest inspirations are definitely them and my grandma. My grandma also sewed and crocheted. If she was still here, she definitely be my best friend.

Julie, you’re such an inspiration. What advice do you have for the crafty newbies out there trying to make a name and start their own business?
Just learn all there is to know about your craft. Do lots of research!!! Practice makes perfect and be prepared to put in LOTS of effort and LOTS of time and energy.

Here is a photo of Julie for you to drool over. She is modeling one of her newest creations. A tube top made from vintage fabric for sale in her Etsy shop! Check out her blog, click here!


Thank you SO much for letting me interview you!! And thanks to my readers for joining me in learning more about this inspirational entrepreneur! Julie's work has been featured in dozens of Etsy treasuries, most of which have been featured on the front page. She is she has also custom created some of the most adorable items, including pouches for brides and bridesmaids, a bracelet here or there, or even just because you ask for a certain color combo!

Happy Friday guys!!

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